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Sublime À Deux

Posted on March 3, 2021 by Admin under Boutique

This collection ‘Sublime À Deux’ by Lise Charmel in a rich Navy Blue Tulle with Antique Cream Embossed Embroidery.  Lise Charmel are Globally renowned for their luxurious brand and expertise at creating heavenly lingerie pieces.  This collection is by no means an exception,  all of the motifs are hand placed, identically symmetric.

The Italian embroideries using six different 80% cotton threads.  The gloss pearlescent thread emulates the delicate hand placed pearls on the bra straps.  Together with Guipure Lace spliced into the navy multi strand tulle, creating an overlap effect on the various styles of briefs and throughout the collection.  Every piece is exquisite and a delight to wear!

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